What is behind UK Home Minister Ms Suella, visit to Rwanda?

The UK Home Minister Suella Braverman visited project of houses that is being constructed for migrants and participated in NOCN Certification ceremony that took place where the houses are being built in Rwanda.

The home secretary has photographed talking with Clementine MUKEKA, Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The news came as Ms Braverman last night rejected claims that the African nation could house only a few hundred.

She said: “Rwanda has the capacity to resettle many thousands of people.

“It can quickly stand up this accommodation once flights begin. The suggestion Rwanda can only take 200 is a false narrative peddled by critics who want to scrap the deal.”

She said the scheme would be a “powerful deterrent” against illegal Channel crossings and act as chance for refugees to rebuild their lives in a new country.

Again she said: “I’m visiting Rwanda to reinforce the Government’s commitment to the partnership as part of our plan to stop the boats and discuss plans to operationalize our agreement. Illegal migration is an international problem, and so it requires international solutions.”

Legal challenges have stopped any flights leaving for Rwanda since ex-PM Boris Johnson announced the policy last year.

Ms Braverman is handed NOCN QUALIFICATION Diplomas to Rwandans in AISLC (ADHI TVET Academy) Academy for innovation using Light steel frame technology where the first trainees have received there Diplomas.

To get NOCN qualifications means you’re eligible to work in Europe and all Common Wealth countries.

The principal of Academy Jeoffrey Karanja said “they are now capable of working anywhere across Europe and all other common wealth countries as they have competency required”


 Minister Suella Braverman with AISLC Academy principal in blue cap and Minister of education in Rwanda Claudette Irere and ADHI Engineer JOSEPH


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