SGI Sports Academy concludes Summer Camp second Edition by aiming to add other Sports (Photos)


On this Friday, September 1, 2023, the SGI Sports Academy closed the Youth Summer Camp, which brought together about 400 childrens.

The closing ceremony, where children participated in different games including Football, Basketball and Karate for two Months, was held at the Cercle Sportif de Kigali in Rugunga.

All the childrens who participated in this program were given the certificates while the best were given special recognition including medals.

Kendall Gray, who is currently a player of the National Basketball Team and the Patriots BBC, is one of the participants at the end of this camp.

In SGI, there are programs for childrens between the ages of 4 and 16, but there is also a category for those who aren’t across 17 years old.

The Founder and CEO of SGI Ltd & SGI Academy, Rurangayire Guy Didier, said that they are happy with the participation of childrens in these camps that started in June, 2023 and the role of parents by supporting them.

“This time, the difference is that we had more childrens, the first time was for trying, but this time we saw huge participation of the childrens and the parents, and the fact that there is security here helps them to leave their childs, we increase also the coaches as well as resources”. He said

“The purpose of this “Academy” is to prepare the players of the future and they will be equipped with everything that can make them good and productive”, said Rurangayire

“Our goal at SGI Sports Academy is to prepare the young athlets for being at a high level of competition and build their future. We are working with coaches from the United States of America in different sports to help us, our kids have a lot to offer including competitions that we want to start next year on this point”. He added

The childrens who participated in these camps worked before noon, from Tuesday to Friday.

The participants included 120 Karateka players, 90 Football players and over 150 for Basketball.

For the parents who wants their childs to be in SGI Sports Academy, Rurangayire said that there is a partnership with Cercle Sportif de Kigali where they are trained on the lowest price.

“We don’t bother parents too much, we have an agreement with Cercle Sportif so that childrens can enter here easily, it is a little expensive, but not much compared to other places where you can take your child. We have professional teachers and coaches, who are at the International and National level, and we want to prepare the childs in such a way that the parents who brought them to us sees that they achieved something differ than before”. He added

Kirasa Alain who is currently the Head Coach of Gasogi United FC in Rwanda 1st Division Football League, is one of the parents whose children are trained at SGI Sports Academy where he has four in different sports, said that as parents, they appreciate the role of SGI by promoting the talents of children, especially during this holiday season where they can go to other distractions.

In a message to other parents, Kirasa said that it is good to give the childs time to show their talents because apart from sports that will help them in their life and studies, no one knows what he will do in the future.

Kirasa Hirwa Othniel, 15 years old, one of Kirasa’s child, who was awarded as the player who raised the level more than others in Basketball, said that the reason why he did not go to football where his father is, said that he followed the game he loves and he has a dream to play in the Basketball Championship in America (NBA).

“I have worked hard to achieve what I have achieved today and it has paid off. Another is knowledge, working with others and having the values ​​of friendship with my colleagues. [Basketball] is my passion, it’s my favorite game, I love everything about it. Sometimes, when I have time to play [at school], I stay there and practice.” He added

By December this Year, the SGI Sports Academy will have completed three years in service, that’s why they hope to add other Sports for the upcoming Years.

This project based on 7 years project that can reach 10 years if possible.

Out of initial 3 sports (Football, Basketball and Karate), they will also plan to add other sports including Volleyball, Martial Arts and Athletics.

While the childs are now back at their Schools, SGI Sports Academy will back to their normal training from Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Photos: SGI Sports Academy

Rurangaire Guy said that in the coming years they plan to add more games


Kendall Gray with the Kids




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