Sensei Mwizerwa Dieudonné is impressed by the level of young Karatekas in the Southern Province (Photos)

More than 100 young Karateka aged 4 and 15 from different Districts of the Southern Province, participated in Huye Karate Technical Seminar held in Huye District on Saturday, September 2, 2023, to improve their knowledge of karate techniques.

This seminar was attended by young Karateka from various teams including Zanshin Karate Academy the organizer, The Great Karate Academy, Nyamagabe Kids Karate Academy, CS Amizero Ruhango, Huye Karate Academy, SINAPI Karate Academy and The Champions Karate Academy Nyanza branch.

Zanshin Karate Academy was founded by Sensei Mwizera Dieudonné and is their Head Coach, as well as an International Karate Referee.

Currently, he is the Vice President of the Rwanda Karate Federation.

In collaboration with The Great Karate Academy which is based Huye District, they organized Karate training for young Karateka aged 4 and 15 from four Districts named Huye, Nyamagabe, Nyanza and Ruhango.

The purpose of this training is to improve the talents of children who play Karate by being trained in the latest techniques used in children’s competitions in order to prepare them to participate in the competitions planned in the coming days.

Mwizera Dieudonné, whose chaired Zanshin Karate Academy, said that after seeing incompetence of young Karateka especially for modern competition techniques and rules, he decided took initiative of organizing such training for the second edition.

“It was a successful event, the participation was good, the parents accompanied them and the children benefited a lot on modern techniques. Organizing an event like this is very important for Rwanda Karate, especially since we have a policy to promote the talents of young athletes because they are the players of the future, and we must increase the competitions and training to prepare the future National Team. ” He added

The level of this edition compared to first is totally different, because this time we focused on what they needs for the International competitions.

“The level they have reached is very impressive because this is the second time we have held such a training here at Zanshin Karate Academy. It seems that what we have taught them, they have repeated it and understood it well, now we have added more. There is hope that the competition we are planning for the end of this month on National level will be very interesting, the children will show their top techniques.” He added

Kabanda Jean Claude, one of the parents with children who participated in this training, said that training children is important because it helps them to be brave and learn from their peers.

Kabanda whose once played this game, added that:“The childs who plays Karate is much better than others. They are polite, they teach them not to provoke but to learn to protect theirselves”.

One of the trained, Gatari Princess Parada, who is 11 years, said that the reason she chose to play Karate was that she already liked martial arts and found that it was a game that helped her a lot.

“I was a child who liked sports very much. When I saw in our school where they were playing Karate, I said, ‘If I like sports, I will go for Karate, so let me do Karate. It gives me good health, makes me less obese, and prevents respiratory diseases. When you play Karate, you know what patience is, and how to be polite. There are people who think that Karate is played by boys, but we also play it”.

105 childrens participated in this training from Karate schools in four Districts from the Southern Province.

In this training, the children’s coaches who accompanied them, also gained a lot that will help them continue to improve the young Karateka especially in the schools

At the end, Zanshin Karate Academy thanked the parents of the children and other partners including Credo Hotel, Highends Travel & Tours, Twyford and JBL Logistics, who contributed to make the training a success.


Sensei Mwizerwa Dieudonné shows young Karateka some of the techniques


Sensei Mwizerwa Dieudonné (right) who runs Zanshin Karate Academy, said that the children have raised their level so that it is promising that they will do well in the upcoming competitions.


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