Ilead Rwanda continues to inspire Youth to become good leaders

The youth from Secondary Schools across the Country are being prepared for their role in Governance and decision-making as well as to becoming good leaders of the future.

On February 2, 2024, over 3000 students from different Schools in Rwanda attending the youth values-based transformational leadership program through iLead courses held in Kigali.

iLead is a program that aims to increase the capacity of young so that they can be a national resource that understands government programs, participates in what is done for them and in decision-making.

This program of excellence is carried out in partnership with the African New Life Children’s Education Foundation through the iLead Program.

From 2022, it is implemented in collaboration with the organization that helps children in the education of Africa New Life Ministries. This program is carried out only in Rwanda across the continent.

Students are taught to become leaders with values ​​through groups where they meet and read different books, where they share knowledge about management.

They believe that they have learned a lot about the values ​​that should characterize an exemplary leader in carrying out his duties.

One of them is Ishimwe Oscar. He said,

Leadership starts with you, when you are able to lead yourself, you are able to lead others.

For Keza Diana Irera, “It helped her to gain confidence and think that she is one of the leaders of the future. It gives her the strength to study and think early on what will benefit Rwanda and the world in general.”

The Director General of Africa New Life Ministries, Past Fred Isaac Katagwa says that they want to build policies related to good governance based on the youth.

He said:”Some of the lessons they learn are patience, he is in a hurry to find things but be patient, related to this time where people want to heal quickly, they want to achieve more quickly iLead prepares young men and women to be patient.”

The General Director of Rwanda Basic Education Board ( REB), Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, says that if Rwanda has students with iLead values, the country will have good leaders.

Dr. Mbarushimana also says in collaboration with iLead they want to create a person who will be able to benefit himself and benefit the country.

Having a good leader means having good management, having good management is progress, this program is a catalyst that helps prepare the curriculum that we already have as the national body in charge of basic education. He added

Since 2022, it has reached out in 198 secondary schools across the Country and is followed by more than 76 thousand students.

Statistics show that in the year of 2050, those in the youth category will reach 54.3%, while the population aged between 16-64 is expected to reach 61.4% in 2050.



The General Director of Rwanda Basic Education Board ( REB), Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana

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