Rwanda – Swimming: Sven Spannkrebs urge Coaches to use what they have learned to protect Swimmers from Water Accidents


In collaboration with World Aquatics Federation, the German Olympic Committee and the Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee, Rwanda Swimming Federation conduct a 12 days training for coaches based on “Drowning & Prevention”, with the aim of increasing the knowledge on how to protect athletes from water accidents.

This training that is being held in Kimironko in the City of Kigali started on September 11, 2023 and is given by the German swimming expert, Sven Spannkrebs, where he shows the coaches how to protect the athletes from water accidents.

In this training, the coaches are updated on how to help the players avoid water accidents and how they can respond quickly when they encounter them.

In an interview with the local press, Sven Spannkrebs, said that the purpose of this training is to give coaches the knowledge they will use in their teams in the future.

He said, “The purpose of this training is to help the trainers get the knowledge of their daily life in training to protect swimmers. We started with a classroom learning session where we taught them the technique. And after we’re heading in the water, where we have started to give them training that they can use in the future.”

In this training, the participants will be taught the best and easiest way to use when a person is going to swim either in the pool or in the lake. he will be at the coaching level.

He said, They don’t have the level we want, that’s why we are doing this training, but they are good, they want to learn, they are willing, I hope that everyone will be able to be a good coach after this training.

This training is being given to 25 coaches from 10 teams that make up the Rwanda Swimming Federation.

It’s scheduled to close on Friday, September 22, 2023.

Umudage Sven Spannkrebs yavuze ko ubumenyi ari gutanga buzafasha abatoza mu gihe kiri imbere

Abahugurwa banagira igihe cyo gushyira mu bikorwa ibyizwe mu ishuri

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