Rwanda Athletics Federation has planned the first ‘Kigali Night Run’ in 2023


On this Friday, January 13, 2023, from 06:00 p.m., the Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF) organized a night sport known as “Kigali Night Run 2023” to start the year by encouraging Rwandans to fall in love with Sports.

This night sport will be the first of its kind in 2023, organized in collaboration with the City of Kigali.

The participants will depart from Kigali Height and take the Rond-point Convention Center- Dutch Embassy- Rond-point RDF road, return to Kigali Height, at a distance of 4.5 kilometers.

Before taking off and after returning to Kigali Height, various sports are held.

Kigali Night Run is a well-known public sports activity, where the residents of Kigali and those who travel to it meet at a designated place during the night hours, and do sports in order to help and motivate people to do sports regularly, and to encourage them to run fast, slow and walk. ‘legs.

He went there in preparation for the Kigali International Marathon, where he first started living a few months before this international running race.

Based on the requests of the residents of Kigali City, the Rwanda Athletics Federation is considering how it will be held at least once a month on a regular basis because they found it very helpful.

When this night sport last took place on December 14, 2022, it was organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with other institutions including the National Health Center (RBC) and the Rwanda Athletics Federation (RAF).

It was prepared while from the 13th to the 15th of December 2022, Rwanda hosted the International Medical Conference, CPHIA2022, which brought together researchers, policy makers and beneficiaries in the health sector. These are the expected in the “Kigali Night Run”.

The leisure in jogging: My own experience at Kigali Night Run - The New Times

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