More than 2 Millions benefited from CARITAS Congo’s assistance in last Year

Approximately 2,573,438 people benefited from the assistance of CARITAS Congo ASBL during the year 2022.

According to the statement of this charitable organization, a copy of which was sent this Sunday, July 2 to Radio Okapi, 743,808 people were assisted, cared for, supervised and supported in various ways.

The same document indicates that at least 527,720 people have been affected by actions to promote sustainable development, 61,620 others have received emergency assistance and 93,570 have been treated for various diseases, while 60,898 have benefited from insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

During the year CARITAS Congo claims to have sensitized 1,829,630 people against various diseases including COVID-19, Ebola, HIV/AIDS, malaria and others.

To carry out these activities, this Catholic structure was able to mobilize USD 15,345,307.71 from various partners, including the Congolese government.

Its interventions in 2022 touched on the following areas: Prevention and response to emergencies; health promotion; disease control, food security, capacity building.

CARITAS Congo asbl feels grateful to all its partners who, as in previous years, supported its work in 2022.

In doing so, this organization intends to contribute to the realization of its mission, extending the radiance of the love and solidarity of Jesus Christ to the benefit of populations in need throughout the DRC.

It turns out that this document does not include all the other many other achievements of the 48 Diocesan CARITAS-Development forming, with the Executive Secretariat of CARITAS Congo, the National Network of Caritas in the DRC.

It should be stressed that the needs remain immense to eradicate poverty among the Congolese population, notes the statement of CARITAS-Congo.

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