Kenya: 21 starve to death while fasting ‘to meet Jesus’


The Kenyan police have picked up 21 body dead near the town of Malindi on the outskirts of India, in search of an evangelist who is said to have told his followers to fast until they die.

The bodies of the dead children are among those that have been recovered, and the police say they are still surching for more.

These small graves are located in the Shakahola field, where 15 fighters of the Good News International Church were able to be saved in the last week.

Evangelist Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is in the hands of the Police, waiting to be accountable.

The state news agency, KBC, says that he is the founder of the congregation, and says that 58 graves have been identified so far.

Mackenzie has pleaded not guilty, but was unable to be released on bail. He insists that his church is closed in 2019.

He says he told his c0-patriots to fast so they could “see Jesus”.

The country’s newspaper The Standard writes that the medical examiner will take DNA tests to verify that these people were killed by starvation.

The police stopped Mackenzie on the 15th of April after the four- body dead who were allegedly starved to death.

Victor Kaudo from the Malindi Social Justice Center told Citizen TV: “We are in this cave and we find a place where we see a big and tall cross, then we know that more than five people have been crucified”.

The Standard newspaper writes that this Evangelist gave the three names of Nazareth, Bethlehem and Judea, and baptized his followers in Pools of water before ordering them to fast.

Kenya is a religious country, and there have been people who have been tricked into joining churches or praying badly and not following the law.

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