Israel: Netanyahu sacked Minister of Defense for the Sake of the Overhaul plan

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday sacked Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, which caused mass protests, a day after Gallant broke ranks with the government and urged a halt to a highly contested plan to overhaul the judicial system.

After dismissal News spread, the thousands went in streets in demonstration showing unlikely to Netanyahu’s decision called “wrong card” by opposition side.

“State security cannot be a card in the political game. Netanyahu crossed a red line tonight,” opposition leaders Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz said in a joint statement. By Reuters.

Crowds in Jerusalem breached security cordon at Netanyahu’s home, waving country’s flag an speaking loud.

The shocking news spread as government announced dismissal without naming replacement.

Announce said “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided this evening to dismiss Defence Minister Yoav Gallant.”

And after few hours Gallant Used his Twitter account and said “ “The state of Israel’s security has always been and will always be my life’s mission.”

Gallant was sacked after Netanyahu saw that he is not supporting overhaul plan and he was not about to his mind.

With his televised address said “ “At this time, for the sake of our country, I am willing to take any risk and pay any price.”

And yet the price became dismissal and city chaos.

On Saturday the former navy admiral warned that the overhaul plans are under risk “a clear, immediate and tangible threat to the security of the state” and called for them to be halted.

Gallant became one of Netanyahu’s right wing to refuse overhaul plan.

The government is seem to not changing plan as the opposition side is pushing.

Police of Israel use water cannons to stop demonstration.

Gallant calls to pause judicial overhaul, citing ‘tangible danger’ to state security | The Times of Israel

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