“If I come back to power, I will end this War in 24 Hours”, said Donald Trump

Donald trump has ‘guaranteed’ to end Ukraine war within 24 hours if he gets re-elected as U.S president. Former american president, while addressing media.

For the past few months, Donald Trump has been criticizing the United States of America, always saying that Russia would never attack Ukraine if he were the head of the country and that if he came back, he would solve this war in just 24 hours.

He repeated these words on Wednesday night, in an interview with the public on CNN, which is rare since he left office.

When questioned, Trump refused to say whether Russian President Vladimir Putin is committing war crimes, saying that this issue “will be discussed later”.

“If you say that he is committing war crimes, it will be difficult to reach an agreement to end the war,” he said.

According to Trump, President Putin made a huge mistake by attacking Ukraine but refused to submit his position to the person he wanted to win the war.

He said, “I don’t think about winning or losing, I think about how this war will end peacefully.

“People are dying, Ukrainians and Russians. I want them to stop dying, and I will do it in 24 hours.

“[Putin’s] mistake is that he attacked that country. He wouldn’t have done that if I was the head of the country.”

Studies show that Republicans are not happy with the US military aid to Ukraine and continue to grow.

Those who participated in this interview kept shouting loudly about everything that Trump said about Ukraine.

While some Republican leaders and the Biden administration may agree to continue helping Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s second term as president will bring significant changes to American politics.

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