DR-Congo: The Population of Kwilu called not to wait until the last Day

The Provincial Executive Secretary of the CENI in Kwilu, Jean-Robert Muyense recommended, Saturday, February 11, the population not to wait until the last day to rush to the voter registration centers.

He made this recommendation six days before the end of the voter registration operation in the first operational area.

Jean Robert Muyense specifies that only applicants are in line in front of the registration centers on this date who will receive tokens to be enrolled even the following day.

« What will happen on February 17. When there are voters in the queue at the closing time at 5 p.m., the president of the registration center will hand over the tokens to all voters in the queue. And the enrollment will continue the next day until all these voters are exhausted. We must not confuse this operation is not yet an extension, “he said.

Jean Robert Muyense also added that at closing time, if there are no voters, the registration center permanently closes its doors to the public.

The CENI had claimed to have enlisted, as of February 7, 12,030,470 Congolese in the first operational area. This figure represents 64.35% of those expected. The first operational area concerns the following provinces: Kongo-Central, Kinshasa, Kwango, Kwilu, Mai-Ndombe, Equateur, Mongala, Nord-Ubangi, Sud-Ubangi and Tshuapa.

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