China have plan to end War in Ukraine, is Kyiv and West ready?

President Vladimir Putin have said that China have plan to end war in Ukraine while western and Ukraine don’t needs peace.

Mr Putin added that the way to peace can be possible only when “the west and Kyiv are ready”.

This comes after Russian leader and Chinese president Xi Jinping meet on Tuesday in Moscow about Ukraine war and they’re relations in it.

The China have published the war end plan last month, and the plan don’t call Ukraine to leave Ukraine while it lists 12 points called peace talks for respecting national sovereignty without specific proposals.

By now Ukraine is insisting on Russia to withdraw from it’s territory as only condition for peace talks.

Calling for ceasefire before Russia withdrew “ would effectively be supporting the ratification of Russian conquest” said the US Secretary of state Anthony Blinken.

On Monday there was explosions in another part of Crimea where Ukraine were said to have destroyed Russian missiles being transported by rail.

In news conference after meeting with Mr Xi,  Mr Putin said: “Many provisions of the Chinese peace plan can be taken as the basis for settling of the conflict in Ukraine, whenever the West and Kyiv are ready for it.”

He added that They have to see the “readiness” of the other side (Kyiv and west).

Standing alongside the Russian leader, Mr Xi said his government was in favor of peace and dialogue, and that China was on the “right side of history”.

Mr Xi left Russia on Wednesday, his plane departing from a Moscow airport.

On Saturday 18 March 2023 President Vladimir Putin visited annexed part of Ukraine in Mariupol.

The president made what state media described as a “working trip” to the port city in Donetsk.

The city was annexed in September last year after Russia’s invasion called military operation and become serious War.

The white house don’t want Russia to remain with annexed parts


President Vladimir Putin visited annexed parts of Ukraine on Saturday.

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