Canal+ Rwanda unveils the ‘Festive Season promotion’ for Clients

Canal+ Rwanda, a subsidiary of Canal International has unveils the Festive Season promotion to help their Clients to celebrate the end of Year by reducing prices and adding the new Channels.

While addressing Journalists at the Media conference on November 14 during the promotion launch at Marriot Hotel, Sophie Tchatchoua, The Managing Director of CANAL+ Rwanda, said that:“We are here to celebrate Christmas before Christmas because we are bringing joy to all Rwandan households starting from today.

“Christmas is coming earlier, thanks to CANAL+ Rwanda. We had a lot of new channels in our bouquet. It means that now we have more than 400 channels in our bouquet and 40 in HD quality.”

She added: “Our ambitions are to make sure every Rwandan has CANAL+ . Clients will be given a decoder at Rwf5,000 instead of 10,000 and installation is at Rwf5,000 from November 14 to December 25.

“Therefore, we are here to bring entertainment, joy, and happiness at the cheapest price for everyone, especially during this festive period.”

Furthermore, CANAL+ is increasingly looking to connect across East Africa and expand its lineup. They have 27 regional channels including 12 Rwandan channels, one Ugandan channel (Bukedde 1) available since October 30, 12 Swahili channels, and three Burundian channels: BETV and HTV, which are channels 396 and 397 respectively.

Furthermore, it offers compelling content, including exclusive movies, sports, series, TV shows, and Kinyarwanda content. They also provide a complete package for Rwf20,000, which includes Rwf5,000 for installation, Rwf5,000 for the decoder, and Rwf10,000 for the subscription.

CANAL+ will also launch a new channel called CANAL+ CAN which will be on Ikaze, featuring coverage of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) starting in December. From January 13 to February 11, CANAL+ CAN channel will cover the event with various programmes on CANAL deployed across Ivory Coast.

Clients with CANAL+ decoders aren’t excluded from the promotion. When they renew their Ikaze, Zamuka na Siporo, Zamuka, or Ubuki subscriptions, they will receive an additional 15 days of full bouquet for free. This offer is valid from November 14 to December 31. Stick with the same bouquet without any downgrade.

The pay-tv provider also offers ‘Appcanal’, which can be downloaded on one’s phone and used to start watching all favorite TV programmes for free by inserting the decoder number.

If you want to buy a CANAL+ decoder, you can also buy a subscription and you will be able to watch all the shows for free for 15 days.

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