Billboard and Vibe ranks Jay Z as the Greatest Rapper of all time

Billboard and Vibe have partnered to release a list of the greatest rappers of all time and the list is topped by multi-award-winning rapper and business mogul Jay Z.

On Wednesday, 8th February 2023, Billboard and Vibe released the list of the greatest rappers of all time.

Ranked as the greatest is the legendary rapper and 27-times Grammy winner Shawn Carter AKA Jay Z whose illustrious career has spanned nearly 3 decades.

Speaking on the list Billboard and Vibe say:

“So it took a lot of deliberation and deep discussion to reason our way to what we believe is a well-thought-out, authentic list that reflects hip-hop’s foundational pioneers, evolutionary trailblazers, and contemporary mainstays. In addition, that mix also encompasses 50 years of cultural milestones for a genre initially dismissed as a passing fad — and now recognized as the industry’s market-share leader.”

Flamboyant rapper Rick Ross enters at NO. 50, celebrated rapper and musician Lauren Hill is ranked 30th, while commercial rapper and businessman 50 Cent is ranked 17th.

Generational talent and sound shaper Kanye West curiously failed to crack the top 10 as he is ranked 11th.

Top 10 greatest rappers: Nicki Minaj is the highest-ranking female on the list with a NO. 10 ranking. Best-selling rapper of all time Drake is ranked NO. 8.

For his success and impact, Lil Wayne is ranked at NO. 7. Famous rappers and rivals Notorious B.I.G and Tu Pac are ranked NO. 6 and NO. 4 respectively.

10. Nicki Minaj

9. Snoop Dogg

8. Drake

7. Lil Wayne

6. The Notorious B.I.G

5. Eminem

4. TuPac

3. Nas

2. Kendrick Lamar

1. Jay Z

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