Beni: MONUSCO provides Foods to malnourished Women’s and children’s


The Senegalese formed Police unit of MONUSCO in Beni (North Kivu) offered, on Wednesday, January 25, a donation to the Collective of Women’s Associations for Development (CAFED). This is a food package for malnourished children and women identified in the city of Beni.

This food was accompanied by a sum of money (the height of which was not revealed) to facilitate the supervision of women in learning pastry for their self-care, said CAFED focal point Patience Sinamuli:

“The donation will go to two categories of people, including the malnourished and women who are undergoing pastry training. They were supported, with a view to improving the conditions of their learning. Maybe at the end of the training, they will be able to benefit from the reintegration kits.”

For Patience Sinamuli, the needs are still enormous to cope with malnutrition. “The need is still there, the more the security situation is not improved, the more malnutrition increases,” she said.

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