War in Ukraine: What we know about the Su-57 Aircraft that Russia is using with incredible care

Russia is using its first Su-57 fighter jets in its war against Ukraine, but they may not be over Russian airspace, a British newspaper says.

This may be due to the fear that its secrets about the technology of the aircraft will be revealed while the Ukrainian military can only cough up one.

So is this missing plane real?

According to the British Air Force, the Su-57 could be used in combat for half a year.

It is Russia’s first modern aircraft of the fifth generation of supersonic fighter jets, which includes advanced technology and modern aircraft design.

Developed by Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau.

The development of these modern Russian fighter jets was first reported in the 2000s, but the first Su-57 flight took off in January 2010 at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

In December (12) 2017, this plane flew using new engines, and at the end of January 2018, it was discovered that the plane started flying with armor.

The Russian Interfax newspaper says that this plane aims to intercept all types of aircraft in the air, whether they are very far or close, intercept all ground weapons, and intercept all air control systems, and control the air very far away.

In 2018, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that this type of Su-57 has successfully completed test operations in Syria.

A few months later, Shoigu announced that the tests of these planes took place on Tuesday and that, in them, these planes fired modern missiles.

A year later, President Vladimir Putin announced that an actual contract for the full supply of 76 Su-57 fighter jets would soon be finalized.

The number of these planes Russia has so far is not known. The British Air Force has only five seats at the Air Force base in Akhtubinsk.

The British military confirms that these planes will be used in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

According to the British press, Russia is using these planes to help it in the war with Ukraine.

According to it, these Su-57 aircraft may not cross the airspace of Russia during the attacks on Ukraine, firing long-range missiles, either on the ground or in the air.

On August 21 (8), 2022, the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, announced that it had started using these Su-57 warplanes in its war with Ukraine.

Now the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom’s military plan records that they have been used since at least Saturday.

According to it, the Russian Air Force uses Su-57s with extreme caution – these planes operate in Russian airspace and fire long-range missiles to avoid being intercepted by Ukrainian warplanes or downed by Ukrainian air defense bombers.

The airspace of Ukraine, and possibly part of Russia on the European continent, is controlled by the radars of the countries involved in the OTAN/NATO joint anti-terrorist alliance. So it is as if a defense plane is found in that space, and where it is cultivated so that it is not seen by radars, the Western countries will gather a lot of important information.

It is true that the West has had the opportunity to study this aircraft in the air – in 2018, Russia shot down the Su-57 in Syria. But there is not much information about these planes in the West.

The Su-57 is Russia’s first modern fifth-generation supersonic fighter jet.


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