Uganda: 100 Rukungiri pilgrims set off for Namugongo


More than 100 foot pilgrims from North Kigezi Diocese on Wednesday morning set off for Namugongo ahead of this year’s Martyrs’ Day celebrations, marked every June 3.

They hope to get blessings from the 22 Catholic and 23 Anglican martyrs who were killed 138 years ago.

The pilgrims, drawn from 13 archdeaconries and 80 parishes of North Kigezi Diocese,  kicked off their journey after receiving blessings from the diocesan missions’ coordinator, Rev Edison Ampiire.

Rev Ampiire urged Christians to use this year’s celebrations to renew their relationship with God.

He also called for co-operation among the pilgrims.

The walk of faith will take the pilgrims 14 days to reach Kampala.

“We must cooperate if we are to succeed in this long journey. I know this is not an easy walk but we have to fight till the end because the martyrs whom we celebrate every year suffered a lot so we are ready to fight also,” he said.

Pilgrims speak out

Ms Grace Mugisha, 45, a resident of Rukungiri District, said this is her second walk of faith. She is hoping to present before the Uganda Martyrs her family challenges for their intercession.

“The first time I trekked to Namugongo, I cried out to the Lord to enable me to get school fees for my children. I want to testify that God answered my prayers and two of my children got sponsors and are now studying so I am going back to pray  for others,” she said.

Ms Eves Kamusiime, another foot pilgrim, wants God to cure her of sickness.

“I have spent a lot of money in hospitals fighting for my life but nothing has changed so I have now decided to walk, and I am hopeful that through this walk and prayers, I shall be healed,” she said.

Mr Brian Kategaya said he is trekking to Namugongo to thank God for giving him a second chance after surviving a cancer.

‘’About six months ago, my left arm was chopped off [amputated] after suffering from cancer. There were about 20 patients who were operated on but only two of us survived. So, I decided to participate in this year’s walk of faith to thank God for granting me a second chance,”  he said.

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