Rwanda has signed an agreement to host first Demo Dual Fluid Nuclear Reactor


The first demonstration Dual Fluid nuclear reactor in the world is expected to be built and developed in Rwanda, following a deal signed between Rwanda Atomic Energy Board (RAEB) and Dual Fluid Energy Inc.- a Canadian-German leading nuclear technology firm.

Nuclear reactors are the heart of a nuclear power plant. They contain and control nuclear chain reactions that produce heat through a physical process commonly known as “fission”. That heat is used to make steam that spins a turbine to create electricity.

The demonstration nuclear reactor is expected to be operational by 2026 and the subsequent testing of the Dual Fluid technology is set to be completed by 2028.

Under the deal, Rwanda agreed to provide the site and infrastructure, while Dual Fluid will take on responsibility for the technical implementation of the project.

Equally beneficial, Rwandan scientists will be given practical training in the field of nuclear technology.

“In order to meet the growing energy demand of its population, to boost the development of its industrial sector, and to build an economy that is resilient to climate change, Rwanda is looking at nuclear energy to add unto its already existing energy generation mix,” said Fidel Ndahayo, the Chief Executive at RAEB.

He added that the development is also in the spirit of the country’s strategy to remain a ‘proof-of-concept’ destination to accelerate the integration of innovative technologies.

Through this strategy, Rwanda has established strategic cooperation partnerships with start-up companies involved in the design and development of small modular nuclear reactor technologies.

  • Accident-free technology

According to Ndahayo, the dual fluid technology has nuclear safety design features that make it accident-free.

The technology will produce relatively less amounts of radioactive waste that will be safely managed in line with existing international radioactive waste management safety standards.

Founded in 2021, Dual Fluid aims to realize an entirely new type of nuclear fission based on liquid fuel and lead coolant that could exponentially increase the performance of current nuclear power.

The new reactors can be used to produce electricity, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels at costs below those of fossil fuels.

Dual Fluid CEO Götz Ruprecht: “Time is a critical factor for our technology. After years of detailed reparation and improving the concept in theory, we are now convinced that we have found an ideal partner for the first realization of our groundbreaking technology,” he said.

“The reason Dual Fluid chose to invest in Rwanda is because of its highly favorable governance and business environment that has already attracted major international players. Our demonstration reactor will show that a better, far more efficient way of generating nuclear energy is possible and within reach in the near future,” he added.

The development follows a recent move by RAEB to establish a Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST), to customize nuclear energy applications to the country’s needs for social and economic development, among other things.

The centre is expected to among others pave the way for the establishment of a proposed nuclear power plant based on Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology to address the ever-growing demand for electricity.

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