Mourinho refuses to Guarantee if he will stay at Roma

José Mourinho didn’t state he would keep coaching Roma following the loss on PKs against Sevilla, even though he reiterated that he wasn’t in talks with any other outfit (via La Repubblica).

“My future is that I will go on vacation Monday. If we’ll have time, we’ll discuss then. Otherwise, we will see. That also means that I can’t objectively say that I will stay. I told the executives that I would disclose to them first whether I had contacts with anybody else and wouldn’t do anything covertly. There was the situation with Portugal in December, and then nothing else. I have a year left on my contract, and that’s it.”

“I want to continue here, but my players and I deserve more. I want to fight for them, but I’m tired of being the coach and the spokesperson at the same time. It’s always up to me to complain when we are defrauded. I’m spent by all these roles, and I want to be put in a condition to give more.”

“We won’t play in the Champions League next season. Paradoxically, that’s good news since we aren’t built for that. We have to win Sunday in order to play in this competition again.”

“I’ve won five of them and was beaten in this one, but I go home prouder than ever. We are dead physically and mentally because we don’t think the result was fair. The referee seemed Spanish.”

José Mourinho didn’t state he would keep coaching Roma after the Europa League final, but he reiterated that he wasn’t in talks with any other outfit.

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