Erdogan wins Turkish Election, extending rule for Third Decade


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again won five years in power in Turkey’s election according to the head of Turkey’s Supreme Election Council (YSK).

YSK head announced that he won 52.14% of the votes, with only a small number still being counted while no other candidate managed to secure 50%.

YSK Chairman Ahmet Yener officially announced the election results, stating that Erdogan was elected as the new president with 52.14% of the votes.

Ahmet Yener said “Even if all of the results that have not been entered into the system yet go to a presidential candidate, the results will not change.”

Erdogan’s supporters are celebrating, and foreign leaders have sent congratulations.

International reactions towards this erection is raising, which includes French President Emmanuel Macron’s tweet.

He tweets: “There are great challenges that France and Turkey have to face together.

“The return of peace to Europe, the future of our Euro-Atlantic alliance, the Mediterranean sea.

“With President Erdogan, whom I congratulate on his re-election, we will continue to move forward.”

His secular rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, says the election was unfair.

Erdogan’s supporters are celebrating this victory in Istanbul.

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