Anti-doping agency request four-year suspension for Paul Pogba

Italy’s anti-doping agency are pushing for a four-year suspension for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba over his positive doping test.

Pogba tested positive for the illegal use of testosterone supplements in August, with a second sample from October also coming back positive. The Frenchman has been suspended by Juventus since September.

Now, Italy’s anti-doping agency are pushing for a four-year suspension – the maximum punishment available – for Pogba.

“I can confirm that we received this notification from the anti-doping authority this [Thursday] morning, with four years [of suspension] required,” a Juventus source told AFP.

Such a high punishment comes as a result of Pogba’s inability to prove his pure intentions when it comes to the supplement.

If Pogba can prove that he did not intentionally take the supplement, or even that he did not plan to benefit athletically, he could see his suspension reduced to just three months.

Juve manager Massimiliano Allegri was keen to avoid discussing the subject in Thursday’s press conference and admitted he has not spoken to Pogba since the start of his suspension.

“I can’t comment on Pogba,” Allegri began.

“We wrote to each other via message at the beginning, we’re waiting for this situation to end so we can talk to him again.”

What we know

  • Pogba tested positive for a banned substance in August & has not played for Juventus since
  • France midfielder can reduce his ban if he proves he did not try to benefit athletically
  • Four years is the maximum punishment available.

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