DR-Congo: 1 dead and 12 missing following ADF attack in Lomalisa

One person was killed, twelve others are missing and Three Houses were burned during the incursion, Wednesday 7 June, of ADF Rebels and their Mai-Mai Auxiliaries in the Village of Lomalisa, in Mambasa territory (Ituri).

According to local security sources, these armed men have strengthened their position in the chiefdoms of Babila Bakwanza and Bakaeku where they carry out attacks against civilians.

Since last May, the ADF and their Mai-Mai proxies have intensified attacks against the population in several towns in Mambasa territory.

Local security sources quote, for example, a self-proclaimed colonel known as “Kifagio” who harasses and degrades civilians in the Bakaeku group.

Faced with this renewed violence, the coordinator of the civil society force vive of Mambasa, Marie-Noëlle Anotane asks the authorities “to strengthen the positions of the military to pursue the enemy”.

The administrator of Mambasa territory says the issue was discussed this week at the local security council meeting.

He asked the population to collaborate with the security services to find “troublemakers”.

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