Toni Kroos ends international retirement to play for Germany at Euro 2024

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has revealed he has ended his international retirement to represent Germany at this summer’s European Championships on home soil.

Kroos, 34, walked away from international duty in July 2021 in the immediate aftermath of Germany’s humiliating exit from Euro 2020 but has long faced calls to return for this summer’s tournament, which will be held in Germany.

Germany boss Julian Nagelsmann has repeatedly left the door open to a potential return for Kroos, admitting in late 2023 that the midfielder must decide whether a return to the international fold is right for him.

Taking to Instagram to confirm his decision, Kroos revealed he will make his return to the international stage in the next international break in March.

“I will play for Germany again in March,” he wrote. “Why? Because I was asked by the coach, I’m in the mood and I’m sure that, with the team at the European Championships, much more is possible than most believe right now.”

Germany are seeking redemption this summer after two bitterly disappointing outings at the last major tournaments.

Die Mannschaft were knocked out at the group stage of the 2018 World Cup before they limped through to the last 16 of Euro 2020, where they were dumped out by England. In between those two humiliations, Germany were due to be relegated from Nations League A before a competition revamp kept them in the top flight.

Kroos called time on his career with 106 caps to his name but the Real Madrid man is now due to add to his tally in March. Germany travel to face France on March 23 before hosting the Netherlands three days later.

Currently ninth on Germany’s all-time appearance charts, Kroos needs three more to overtake Jurgen Klinsmann in eighth. Philipp Lahm sits seventh with 113 – should Kroos’ Germany reach the quarter-finals this summer, he could tie the former right-back’s tally.

What we know

  • Kroos retired from international duty in July 2021 after Germany’s poor showing at Euro 2020
  • Germany boss Julian Nagelsmann has never ruled out a reunion
  • Kroos will now represent his country on home soil.

Trafford Council ‘looking forward’ to working with Man United on stadium plan

Ratcliffe says the club could redevelop Old Trafford or potentially work with Government on a national stadium for the north.

Trafford Council is looking forward to working with Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe on his ambitious plans to regenerate the south of the city.

Ratcliffe set out two routes to providing United with a stadium which he feels would befit the club’s status – either a redevelopment of Old Trafford or building a brand-new stadium which would be a northern rival to Wembley.

Ratcliffe sees the extra revenue generated from either option as a key factor in helping United consistently challenge north-west rivals Manchester City and Liverpool for domestic and European honours, having vowed on Wednesday to “knock both of them off their perch”.

He anticipated redevelopment would cost in the region of £1billion, while he estimated a new stadium and regeneration project would be £2billion. He saw no reason why state funding should not partially cover the cost of the bigger project, which he believes could transform the area around the stadium.

United’s existing leadership have been working alongside Trafford Council on its Trafford Wharfside development plan, and council leader Tom Ross was excited by Ratcliffe’s vision.

“We’ve got two visions that are coming together – a potential brand new stadium as discussed by Sir Jim, and also the vision we have for housing regeneration, bringing this area back to life,” Ross told BBC Radio Manchester on Thursday.

“There’s a lot of excitement in Manchester United about this as a key partner of ours. We look forward to working together to deliver those plans.”

Ratcliffe said on Wednesday that a task force – which could include former United defender Gary Neville – was being formed to consider the feasibility of the new stadium project. The PA news agency understands Trafford Council expects to be invited to join too.

United have been urged to actively involve local residents and small business owners in their plans as they consider how to proceed.

Dr Tom Bason, a sports legacy and football finance expert at Coventry University, highlighted research which found such groups had not been properly consulted in previous stadium-led regeneration projects, and ended up being priced out of the area.

“(Proper consultation) is the sort of thing that needs to happen from the start otherwise you do end up with this sort of displacement that we saw around the Olympic Stadium (in east London),” Dr Bason told PA.

“It’s not always intentional, but if you see house prices or rent increases going up 20, 30, 40 per cent, although you might not be kicked out because your house or flat is getting knocked down, you might still have to leave that area because you can’t afford to live there any more.

“The same happens with businesses – multinationals start coming in, you start to get chains of coffee shops rather than a local café for example.

“It’s not always intentional but if these sort of local community groups, residents and businesses aren’t part of the process, it is what happens every time.”

Europa League: AC Milan progress despite Rennes fightback

Benjamin Bourigeaud’s hat-trick sealed a 3-2 victory in the second leg for the French side.

AC Milan held off a stirring comeback by Rennes to book their place in the Europa League last 16.

The Italian side looked to have the job done after last week’s 3-0 first-leg win at the San Siro, but the Ligue 1 outfit gave them a scare on home soil, with Benjamin Bourigeaud’s hat-trick sealing a 3-2 victory in the second leg.

Milan goals from Luka Jovic and Rafael Leao proved pivotal as they secured a 5-3 aggregate win to go into the hat for Friday’s draw.

Rennes knew they would have to make early inroads into their deficit if they were to have any chance of repairing the damage from a harrowing night in Milan last week.

And they enjoyed the dream start as they went ahead in the 10th minute.

Bourigeaud received the ball in the centre of the pitch, took a touch and then drilled a scorching low effort into the bottom corner.

Milan were able to weather the early storm and got a crucial leveller in the 21st minute to restore their three-goal advantage.

Tijjani Reijnders burst forward and teed up Theo Hernandez to send in an inviting cross which an unmarked Jovic powered home with his head.

The hosts came again and thought they had made it 2-1 soon after but Arnaud Kalimuendo’s effort hit Mike Maignan without the Milan goalkeeper knowing too much about it.

The French side did go back in front in the 54th minute when Bourigeaud got his second of the match, converting from the penalty spot after Martin Terrier had been fouled by Simon Kjaer.

But they were again pegged back four minutes later as Milan made it 2-2 thanks to a fine Leao strike, the Portugal international guiding into the corner after a fine solo run.

Bourigeaud claimed the matchball as Rennes took the lead for the third time in the match as he again emphatically scored from the penalty spot after VAR had spotted a foul by Jovic.

That left them with 22 minutes of normal time to try and muster two goals and, although they attacked with intent and bluster they could not forge any real chances.

Umucanga ugiye kurengera Ibiraro bya Rubagabaga na Satinsyi

Abakoresha ibiraro bya Rubagabaga na Satinsyi bikora ku Turere twa Nyabihu na Ngororero mu Ntara y’Iburengerazuba, barasaba ko hagira igikorwa mu maguru mashya kuko bishobora kurengerwa n’umucanga umaze kurengera inkingi zibishyigikiye.

Ni ibiraro biri mu isangano ry’umuhora wa Vunga ryoroshya ubuhahirane n’imigenderanire hagati y’Uturere twa Gakenke na Musanze mu Majyaruguru, Nyabihu na Ngororero i Burengerazuba ndetse na Muhanga mu Majyepfo.

Ku kiraro cya Satinsyi gicungamiwe n’imisozi ya Ndiza inkingi zacyo zimaze kurengerwa n’umucanga witetse munsi yacyo, bikaba biteye impungenge abaturage.

Ku cyifuzo cya Minisiteri y’Ibikorwaremezo, mu mpera z’umwaka ushize inzego zitandukanye zafashe umwanzuro ko icukurwa ry’imicanga mu migezi nka Giciye rihagarara, ababikoraga bagatabara ikiraro cya Rubagabaga kiri kurengerwa.

Ubwo twakoraga iyi nkuru, kuri ibyo biraro twasanze abantu bake aribo barimo kwinura umucanga, ibikorwa nabo ubwabo bemeza ko ntacyo byageraho.

Hari abaturage basanga kuba nta buryo bufatika bwashyizweho mu kubungabunga ibiraro bya Rubagabaga na Satinsyi aribyo byatumye birengerwa n’umucanga nyamara byari gukumirwa kare.

Uwihoreye Patrick ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu muri Ngororero, avuga ko nta muturage wemerewe kwinura umucanga mu kiraro cya Satinsyi kuko ngo hari ibyakwangirika.

Ku kiraro cya Rubagabaga, ubuyobozi bwa Nyabihu ntabwo  bugaragaza kompanyi zihakorera, ariko ngo bugiye gukurikirana impamvu nta gikorwa ku ngamba zari zafashwe.

Guverineri w’Intara y’Uburengerazuba, Dushimimana Lambert mu kiganiro kuri telefone, avuga ko igisubizo kirambye ari ukuzana imashini zo kuvana umucanga witetse munsi y’ibyo biraro, ku rundi ruhande ariko ngo bagiye gukurikirana impamvu kompanyi zashyizwe i Rubagabaga zitari gukora zikaba zarasubiye i Giciye kandi harafunzwe.

Ibiraro bya Satinsyi na Rubagabaga byubatswe na Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ku ngengo y’imari irenga miriyari 14.

Huye: Amashuri yananiwe kwishyura ba Rwiyemezamirimo babagemuriye Ibiribwa

Hari ibigo by’amashuri bigaragaza ko kuva Uturere twakwegurirwa inshingano zo gutanga amasoko y’ibiribwa by’ibanze mu mashuri, byabuze ubushobozi bwo kwishyura umwenda bibereyemo ba rwiyemezamirimo babigemuriraga ibiribwa, kuko amafaranga ababyeyi batanga ubwayo atabasha kwishyura uyu mwenda.

Ishuri ry’Urwunge rw’Amashuri rwa Kiyonza riherereye mu Murenge wa Ngoma mu Karere ka Nyaruguru, ribereyemo rwiyemezamirimo warigemuriraga ibiribwa mu mwaka wa 2022-2023, amafaranga asaga 3.00.000 Frw.

Aya ni ayasigaye nyuma yo kwishyura ibihumbi 500, ubundi bakabura ubushobozi.

Twageze no mu rwunge rw’amashuri rwa Zivu mu Murenge wa Musha mu Karere ka Gisagara.

Iri ryo ribereyemo ba rwiyemezamirimo babiri barigemuriye ibiribwa muri uyu mwaka wa 2022-2023, amafaranga asaga 7.000.000 Frw.

Umuyobozi w’iri shuri, Uwituze Eric avuga ko nabo uyu mwenda babuze ubushobozi bwo kuwishyura kuva aho Akarere ari ko gasigaye gahahira iki kigo.

Mu mashuri  twasuye, hari adafite imyenda ya ba rwiyemezamirimo, ahanini ngo ubwitabire bw’ababyeyi mu gutanga umusanzu wabo muri School Feeding bwabafashije kwishyura ba rwiyemezamirimo.

Urugero ni ishuri rya GS St Kizito Gikongoro riherereye mu Murenge wa Gasaka mu Karere ka Nyamagabe, nta mwenda rifitiye ba rwiyemezamirimo barigemuriraga.

Ikibazo cyo kunanirwa kwishyura ba rwiyemezamirimo muri aya mashuri, cyatangiranye n’uyu mwaka w’amashuri wa 2023-2024, ubwo inshingano zo gutanga amasoko y’ibiribwa by’ibanze mu mashuri muri gahunda ya School Feeding, ari byo umuceri, kawunga, ibishyimbo n’amavuta zegurirwaga Uturere.

Umuyobozi mukuru muri Ministeri y’Uburezi ushinzwe politiki y’uburezi, Rose Baguma, avuga ko Uturere twasabwe gukusanya amakuru no kugenzura iyo myenda ibigo bibereyemo ba rwiyemezamirimo bagemuriraga amashuri, MINEDUC ikazashaka uko uwo mwenda wishyurwa.

Ubufatanye bw’u Rwanda n’Intara ya Rhenanie Palatina bwashimwe na Minaloc

Minisiteri y’Ubutegetsi bw’Igihugu igaragaza ko hari uruhare runini ubufatanye hagati ya Guverinoma y’u Rwanda n’Intara ya Rhenanie Palatina bwagize, mu iterambere ry’imibereho myiza y’abaturage ndetse no mu rwego rw’uburezi muri rusange.

Hashize imyaka 42 Leta y’u Rwanda ndetse n’Intara yo mu Budage byinjiye mu bufatanye bugamije guteza imbere imibereho myiza y’abaturage ahanini hibandwa ku mishinga ijyana n’iryo terambere.

Mu mishinga irenga 2000 iyi Ntara ndetse n’abafatanyabikorwa bayo bibanzeho irimo irebana n’urwego rw’uburezi, ibishimangirwa nk’ibyagize uruhare mu kugabanya bimwe mu bibazo birimo iby’ubucucike mu mashuri.

Minisitiri w’Ubutegtsi bw’Igihugu, Jean Claude Musabyimana yagaragaje ko hari byinshi biteganyijwe gukorwa binyuze muri ubu bufatanye, ari nabyo biri kuganirwaho.

Imwe mu mishinga Leta y’u Rwanda ihuriyeho n’Intara ya Rhenanie Palatina irimo nk’ishamimikiye mu rwego rw’uburezi, imibereho myiza y’abaturage, ubuzima ndetse n’iterambere ry’ubucuruzi binyuze mu buhahirane hagati y’ibihugu byombi.

Duhugurane: Ubwenge bukorano igisubizo ku Kiremwamuntu cyangwa ni Akarambaraye

Muri iki gihe, Isi iyobowe n’ikoranabuhanga ndetse ingeri zose z’ubuzima ribonekamo, aho umuntu ashobora kugera kuri serivisi yifuza bitamusabye kuva iwe.

Ikoranabuhanga ryifashisha ubwenge buremano rizwi nka Artificial Intelligence rigarukwaho cyane hirya no hino ku Isi, aho bamwe bagaragaza ko ari ryiza mu gihe abandi barishinja byinshi birimo no kongera umubare w’abashomeri.

Kuri ubu, umwe mu musaruro wa AI, Isi iri gukoresha ni ChatGPT ikoreshwa n’abashaka amakuru ku ngingo zitandukanye. Wandika icyo ushaka kumenya, ikakiguha aho ushobora kurisaba kukwandikira email cyangwa ubundi butumwa rikabiguha mu kanya nk’ako guhumbya.

Iyi porogaramu yiyongeraho izindi nka Bard, YouChat, Bing AI, Jasper, OpenAI Playground, ChatSonic zose zifashisha AI.

AI ntiyagarukiye i mahanga kuko no mu Rwanda yatangiye kwimakazwa mu ngeri zitandukanye zirimo ubuvuzi, ubukerarugendo, ubuhinzi aho zitanga amakuru ajyanye n’iteganyagihe n’izindi zijyanye n’ikoranabuhanga ndetse bamwe batangiye kugerwaho n’ibyiza byaryo.

Mu myaka itatu ishize nibwo uwitwa Byukusenge Anisie ufite ubumuga bwo kutabona yatangiye gukoresha telefoni igendanwa ifite iri koranabuhanga. Avuga ko byamurinze kongera kwibwa kuko rimufasha kumenya agaciro k’amafaranga y’inoti afite n’amakarita anyuranye akoresha.

Ati: “Nzingura inoti ngashyiraho camera ya telefoni maze igahite imbwira iti iki ufite ni 1000 cy’amafaranga y’u Rwanda. Nanone nkayereka ikarita ikansomera iyo ariyo. ikambwira ko ari ikarita y’abafite ubumuga ikanansomera ibiriho byose. Ni ukuvuga ko ubwo buhanga bugezweho budahari baba bakwiba.”

Tour du Rwanda 2024: Pierre Latour yegukanye Etape ya 5, Umunyarwanda arushwa Iminota 3 ku rutonde rusange

Umufaransa Pierre Latour w’Imyaka 31 ukinira Ikipe ya Total Energies niwe wegukanye Etape ya 5 yakiniwe mu Karere ka Musanze mu Ntara y’Amajyaruguru, akoresheje iminota 23, amasegonda 31 n’iby’ijana 79.

Iyi Etape yakinwaga umukinnyi akina ku giti cye “Individuel Time Trial”, yareshyaga na Kilometero 13.

Yahagurutse imbere y’Isoko ry’Akarere ka Musanze rizwi nka Goico yerekeza mu Kinigi, mu Gace gakoreshwa yitwa amazina abana b’Ingagi.

Ku Isaha ya saa 13:00 nibwo umukinnyi wa mbere yari ahagurutse, uyu akaba ari Umunya-Belarus, Viachaslau Shpakouski ukinira Ikipe ya May Stars’.

Pierre Latour yakurikiwe n’Umubiligi William Junior Lecerf, mu gihe umwanya wa gatatu wegukanywe n’Umwongereza Peter Joseph Blackmore.

Nk’uko bimaze iminsi bigenda, no kuri iyi nshuro ntabwo Abanyarwanda bahiriwe, kuko uwaje hafi ni Vainqueur Masengesho n’umwanya wa 22.

Vainqueur Masengesho, yakoresheje iminota 26, Isegonda n’iby’ijana 92.

Nyuma y’iyi Etape, Urutonde rusange ruyobowe na Junior William Lecerf, umaze gukoresha amasaha 9, iminota 47 n’amasegonda 39.

Akurikiwe na Peter Joseph Blackmore, urushwa amasegonda 2, mu gihe umwanya wa 3 ufitwe na Ilkhan Dostiyev, urushwa amasegonda 9.

Kuri uru rutonde rusange, Vainqueur Masengesho niwe Munyarwanda uza hafi, gusa ntabwo yorohewe kuko arushwa n’uwa mbere iminota 3 n’amasegonda 13.

Uko byari bimeze mu Nzira:

Manizabayo Eric (Team Rwanda) na Nsengiyumva Shemu (May Stars) bageze mu Kinigi bafite ibihe by’umwanya wa 30 n’uwa 31 aho bakoresheje iminota 26 n’amasegonda 37.

Mugisha Moise ntiyahiriwe n’aka gace kuko yabaye uwa 49, byatumye ku rutonde rusange aba Umunyarwanda wa kabiri mwiza aho ari uwa 21 arushwa iminota itatu n’amasegonda 25, inyuma ya Masengesho Vainqueur wa 20, aho arushwa iminota itatu n’amasegonda 13.

Abakinnyi 78 ni bo basoje isiganwa kuri uyu wa Kane.

Kuri uyu wa Gatanu tariki 23 Gashyantare 2024, harakinwa Etape ya 6, ihaguruka i Musanze yerekeza kuri Mont Kigali mu Mujyi wa Kigali.

Iyi Etape izaba ireshya na Kilometero 93 na Metero 300, izagaruka i Musanze saa Tanu z’amanywa, igere i Kigali ku Isaha ya saa Munani n’Iminota 45 ntagihindutse.

Kamonyi: Yakimbiranye n’Ababyeyi be yararika Insina n’Ibiti by’Imbuto 

Abitewe n’Umujinya yatewe n’amakimbirane afitanye n’Ababyeyi be nk’uko yabyivugiye, Ntakirutimana Emmanuel w’Imyaka 28 y’amavuko, yagiye mu Nsina n’Ibiti by’Imbuto ziribwa arabyararika.

Ibi byabereye mu Mudugudu wa Remera mu Kagali ka Gitare mu Murenge wa Nyarubaka mu Karere ka Kamonyi ho mu Ntara y’Amajyepfo y’u Rwanda.

Ntakirutimana yakoze ibi byafashwe nk’ibidasanzwe mu Masaha ya saa tatu z’Igitondo cya tariki 19 Gashyantare 2024.

Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w’Umurenge wa Nyarubaka, Mpozenzi Providence yahamije aya makuru agira ati:“Ntakirutimana yatongaye na Nyina amubaza nyuma yo kumubaza impamvu yakubise Umwana. Yahise amuhindukirana n’Umuhoro, amuhunze, yirara mu Nsina zisaga 60 aratemagura, Ibisheke n’Amacunga”.

Ashingiye kuri ibi, Mpozenzi yaboneho kwibutsa Imiryango kwirinda amakimbirane no gutangira amakuru ku gihe ku miryango itabanye neza kugira ngo ifashwe. Yunzemo ko abana bakwiye kubaha ababyeyi babo.

Abaturanyi b’uyu muryango, batangaje ko uyu musore asanzwe yarananiye ababyeyi be.

Bati:“Yarabananiye. Bamwakiye inguzanyo muri Banki bamugurira Isuzuki (Moto), ariko akomeza kunanirana ntiyagira icyo bimugezaho”.

Kugeza ubu, Ntakirutimana arafunze, mu gihe ababyeyi be bagiye gutanga ikirengo ku rwego rw’lgihugu rw’Ubugenzacyaha (RIB).


Nyamasheke: Yafashwe ku nshuro ya gatatu yiba Moto

Bikorimana Jean Bosco w’Imyaka 29, yatawe muri Yombi nyuma yo kwiba Moto ubugira gatatu.

Uyu mugabo wo mu Mudugudu wa Murenge, mu Kagali ka Murambi mu Murenge wa Cyato, ngo ibyo kwiba Moto yabigize aka ya Mvura igwa igasubira.

Amakuru y’itabwa muri Yombi rya Bikorimana, yahamijwe n’Umunyamabanga Nshigwabikorwa w’Akagali ka Rugali, Mubayire Eliel.

Ati:“Moto yibwe ubwo nyira yo yari mu nama y’Ikibina saa Sita z’Amanywa yo ku wa 19 Gashyantare 2024”.

“Bikorimana nawe yari mu bari bitabiriye iyi nama. Abonye nyira yo ahuze, amucunga ku jisho, ayitwara atiriwe akoresha Urufunguzo”.

Bamwe mu bahamije iyibwa ry’iyi Moto, bagize bati:“Uwayibye yacunze Nyira yo ayiparitse, ahita ayatsa ariruka”.

N’ubwo yayibye natwo yahiriwe, kuko yahise atabwa muri Yombi ubwo yari ayigejeje mu Mudugudu wa Gakenke, mu Kagali ka Rugali ho mu Murenge wa Cyato.

Ugutabwa muri Yombi kwe, kwakurikiye ikirego nyiri ukwibwa yashyikirije Urwego rw’Igihugu rw’Ubugenzacyaha (RIB), ku bufatanye n’abaturage arafatwa.

Ni nyuma yo kumara amasaha hafi abiri ayitwaye itarazima.

Bikorimana yari yibye iyi Moto ashaka kuyishyira uwayimutumye, nawe wasahakaga kuyisambura agacuruza ibyuma (Injyamani-Inyuma).

Umuyobozi w’Akagali n’uwa Polisi muri aka gace, bashimiye abaturage batanze amakuru yagejeje ku ifatwa rya Bikorimana no kugaruza Moto yari yibwe.

Baboneyeho kandi gusaba abaturage kurushaho gutangira amakuru ku gihe hagamije ineza ya rubanda.