Lubumbashi: Handshake between Joseph Kabila and Moïse Katumbi

The forum on Katangan unity and reconciliation ended on Sunday 22 May in Lubumbashi. The closing ceremony was marked by the handshake between the former President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, and the former governor of Katanga, Moïse Katumbi. This gesture, much applauded by all the audience, came after the "Mass of reconciliation" celebrated by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi, Msgr. Fulgence Muteba.

The first act of this Sunday was joseph Kabila's entry into the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, shortly before the beginning of the mass. The latter has in fact launched the work of the end of this forum that began on 17 May.

The second highlight was the homily of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi. Archbishop Fulgence Muteba praised the surpassing of themselves of all the participants, who despite the internal wounds, transcended everything to see only the interest of katanga strong, united and prosperous, which also cares about the well-being of future generations.

Then, after Mass, there was the handshake between Joseph Kabila and Moïse Katumbi to seal their reconciliation after several years of mutual mistrust.

This gesture of reconciliation was followed by the reading of the forum's recommendations. On the political front, participants called on the current leaders of the provinces to ensure that the country embarks on the path of federalism.

On the economic front, they recommended that the sale of Katanga's minerals be stopped and that any dispossession of agricultural land be prohibited. Participants want artisanal mining to be reserved primarily for indigenous people.

Message from Joseph Kabila

To the country's leaders, the participants in the Katangan reconciliation forum called for an end to the massive displacement of populations. Finally, on the cultural level, they pleaded for respect for the cultural values of Katanga.

Speaking after the ceremonial reconciliation Joseph Kabila, who expressed in Swahili, thanked the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi for organizing the meeting. According to him, the important thing is not the recommendations but rather their implementation. He expressed the doom that there would be the follow-up of everything was retained. He also said he counted on youth, which is a strength.

This ceremony ended with the washing of the hands of the participants, as a symbol of unity and reconciliation. A gesture that the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi would like sincere.

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